Department of Catering Management, School of Management, Hongguang University of Science and Technology

The history of the Department

In the 1980s, Taiwan's economic development structure changed from one to the second industry to three-level service industry. The catering industry, in the context of the promotion of the national economy, the strengthening of government policies and the increase of resources, The economic environment shows that the demand for talented people in the catering industry is ardent, and the school has set up the department in 88 years.

Department of the beginning of the Department, including the University Day 1 classes, training 2 classes. Since the beginning of the school year, the Department aims to cultivate students' adaptive development and advanced skills. It is divided into "Group" and "Cooking" groups in the second year of the day. Management of the development process list). Based on the stable development of the system, students outside the school practice and graduation into the workplace, the industry received praise, to be due to the growing tourism industry, continuing to add teachers, enrich the instrument equipment. The school is in the school year and the Department of the school by 1 class, in the 99 school year, the Department of the Department of the day 3 classes, training department 2 classes; in the 103 school year to add two management management; 104 school year from the training The number of classes increased from 1 to 10 in the beginning of the school year. Based on the need for appropriate teaching, the second year of the students in the training department is divided into two groups: "no group" and "group".

                                                                   The development course of the meal management department

The Republic of China


56 years

Hongguang Nursing College was established

80 years

Change the name of "Private Hongguang Medical Care College"

86 years

Reform Institute of Technology

88 year

The establishment of the Department of the Ministry of the Ministry of the four-year "Restaurant Management Department", and in the same year amended as "Restaurant Management Department"

92 school year

Renamed University of Science and Technology

96 school year

After the school year 98 school year (including) after the new students, in the sophomore divided into "dining group" and "cooking group" two modules

103 academic year

Add two management management section

104 school year

Training Department to recruit three classes

105 school year

After the commencement of the school year, the students are divided into two groups: "No Group" and "Beverage Service Group"

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