The Department was founded in the Republic of China 88 years, based on the then national economic development and foreign visitors to Taiwan to increase the number of tourism industry demand for talent; so far, the students have 12 classes in the day, 10 classes and 18 teachers of the scale. Since the beginning of the school year, the second year of the students in the day is divided into two groups: "brigade" and "culinary".

The education goal is to inherit the school "people-oriented, caring life" school philosophy, according to the management of the school "to cultivate a professional management knowledge, practical technical ability and service spirit of the management personnel; cultivate a humanistic quality, professional ethics, teamwork and society Responsible management talent; cultivate a forward-looking, international concept and sustained self-growth management talent, "the three major educational goals, and then the Department of students in line with the catering industry development needs of the characteristics of talent, integration to determine the development of this vision for the" Professional education, professional and moral skills, moral and cultural services and humanistic care of the brigade industry management and service personnel, "the specific objectives of education for the training of food industry management and service professionals, to have the food industry needs knowledge and skills, pragmatic ability , As well as emphasis on professional ethics and advocating humane care of the work attitude. At the time of graduation, students will be able to have the food and beverage practice and management ability, hotel practice and management ability, the integration of catering principles and application ability, workplace ethics and teamwork ability, engaged in domestic and foreign catering industry work ability five core competencies The

Since the beginning of the system, in order to achieve the goal of education, with the development of the school, according to the medium-term development plan, the implementation of the implementation of the important decision-making, planning and development, implementation and inspection by the system to make. The decision of the meeting is subject to the administrative affairs of the department, which is divided into the functions of the teachers, and according to the teachers' expertise, efforts are made to promote the duties. Education objectives and characteristics of the specific implementation of the system development and continuous improvement, curriculum planning, teacher structure and teaching quality assurance and industry-university cooperation and professional development of the three levels. The implementation of these three aspects of the full response to the results of student learning, career development and domestic and foreign industry employers highly affirmed. Today, set up more than ten years; school size, teachers, equipment, and students to develop a deeper effect by the business community identity.

In recent years, the Department of the development of environmental conditions in line with the adjustment, and actively establish self-improvement mechanism, the implementation of self-improvement function. Based on the development vision, uphold the concept of catering management and service talents for the catering industry, we will continue to promote the development of the whole system with the development attitude of "transcending the current situation and pursuing excellence".


First, the objectives, characteristics and development of the system

The goal of education is to study the characteristics of the talents and technical and vocational education of the industrial development and to consider the characteristics of the school education, and to standardize the specific educational goals and the five core competencies. There are multiple standing committees for the development of the system, and eight task planning teams are set up under the conference meeting. To promote the implementation of the "plan, implementation, inspection, action" PDCA continue to improve the management principles, effective investment in resources, and strive for results. Compared with the same department of Taiwan University, the development scale and performance of this department are the leading ones. In 2013, the Department of the development of the system continued to improve the results of the magazine in the field of sightseeing tour of the students most want to study and interested in the national university (including the national public and private education and technical system) second volunteer.


Second, curriculum planning, teacher structure and teacher teaching

To implement the strategies such as "Catering Group" and "Cooking Group", such as teaching, remedial teaching, learning and early warning, strengthening the practice and enhancing practical experience, in line with the objectives of the department's education, industrial development and consideration of student characteristics. Specific practices such as the implementation of the internship system inside and outside the school to enhance the proportion of practical courses to enhance collaborative teaching, practical curriculum results exhibition and hire overseas industry experts and scholars short-term teaching. Cultural literacy, humanistic care and career ethics and other personal cultivation, through the general curriculum, professional teaching and series of potential learning courses, Amoy personality.

Technical teachers and management teachers ratio of 13: 5, relying on the practice of technical teachers, is one of the characteristics of the development of this series. Assistant professors above 100%. In the first year of the year, the Hong Kong University of Hong Kong is the director of the Faculty and is responsible for the development of the school. In order to implement the education goal of cultivating students with domestic and foreign catering activities, Invited to the former Taipei W Hotel executive chef Martin Martin Macleod (Martin Macleod) as the Department of full-time professor; class year, full-time teacher Yu Ke-yuan assistant professor is the first to be appointed to the international hotel manager College teachers, enough to meet the teachers by the industry highly affirmed.

Teachers teaching content to master the characteristics of technical and vocational education and can lead students to learn interest, adopt multiple assessment methods, improve the learning at all levels, especially the implementation of "doing secondary school, learning to do" the characteristics of technical and vocational education, the specific results shown in the student workplace The performance of the industry by the positive affirmation. In recent years, in order to enrich the students' learning connotation, the technical teachers proceeded to adjust the teaching methods and teaching materials of the practical courses, and planned the short-term lectures of the series of foreign teachers. A total of 13 foreign teachers were invited to complete 85 courses and 6,239 students benefited.


Third, the teaching of goods and student counseling

To continuously improve the quality of teaching, check the effectiveness of learning, there are school-level and Department of graduation threshold, actively counseling students meet the graduation conditions. To obtain counseling courses and to teach. The implementation of the school level and the Department to promote the quality of teaching measures, the specific performance in the student high graduation threshold rate, student academic and practical competition was affirmed and internship performance appreciated by the industry.

Student counseling is divided into class tutor, course tutor, service tutor, internship teacher and teacher tutor five best; and for foreign students and physical and mental disabilities students and the level of school-level counseling mechanism. To help students learn and live counseling, student competition experience or practice experience, planning peer sharing mechanism, to achieve peer learning, motivate the role of motivation. In recent years, and students in the first graduation, the establishment of media industry and students work and employment mechanism, although the start, adhere to the line, to enhance the effectiveness of employment.


Fourth, the Department of professional development and cooperation between industry and academia

To master the development of the industry and the implementation of the six strategies: the full integration of the use of industry resources, integration of teacher expertise and technological innovation, and promote the professional development and development of teachers themselves, and actively handle the national technical competition and Professional seminars, the establishment of international exchange visits mechanism, and strengthen industrial cooperation to provide students with multiple internships and employment opportunities. Specific results in response to the Department of professional development, industry and academia cooperation, teacher professional show, international exchanges and international competition. Among them, 106 international exchanges (including mainland China) were organized, organized and co-organized three international seminars, and teachers received 26 international awards for the International Cuisine Competition, with the aim of "improving teachers' academic and professional standards" The


Fifth, student achievement and career development

The students in the industry after graduation and after graduation employment, access to domestic and foreign industry highly affirmed; students to participate in important competitions at home and abroad, award-winning can also support its learning results. Many students won the highest honor of technical and vocational education "technical light", the Department of the Institute and the International Youth Learning Society for two consecutive years won the national community assessment of the highest privilege of the highest affirmation. In recent years, 43 students have been taught by the Ministry of Education. To expand the international perspective of students and enhance students in the international catering market employment capacity, the implementation of a one-year overseas internship courses. Specific results for the 134 students in three countries 18 points to complete overseas internship, and the program yearly application, are the Ministry of Education to learn the sea dream funding.

Career development and implementation of freshman to senior employment counseling mechanism, and continue to contribute to the interest in the curriculum planning, teacher teaching, student learning and counseling and employment orientation, to enhance student employment. The employment rate for the 99-102 academic year was 91.2%.


Six, self-improvement aspects

Over the past four years, both the system to promote, teaching curriculum planning, industry and academia cooperation, teaching and insurance, international exchanges and international development, have significant progress and progress.

94 and 98 years of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology University of access to the first-class success, 99,101,102 school year were self-evaluation system of self-evaluation system "through" the recognition; the improvement of the system and as a member of the height of the school sure.

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