In order to achieve the educational goals, the department cooperates with the development of the school, and implements the implementation according to the mid-term development plan; all important decisions, plan research, implementation, and inspection supervision are all made by the department conference platform. The resolutions of the department meeting are promoted by the department administration to promote various department affairs, and eight task planning groups are set up under the department meeting, and the teachers in the department perform their duties. There are also standing committees such as the Department Education Evaluation Committee, the Department Curriculum Committee, the Internship Counseling Committee, the Admissions Committee, the Mentor Meeting, the Curriculum Consultation Meeting, and the Teaching Seminar (see Figure 1-3, Departmental Affairs and Related Committees, Task Planning (Group Organization Chart)


List of task groups in the Department in the year of 2020


Group Name




Department of Characteristic Development Planning Team

Wu Yinyan

Yu Fang

Wu Meiyan, Zheng Jinqing, Hu Xiangling, Lin Jingrong, Chen Youquan, Yang Cunli, Zhang Youming, Liao Guozhi, Wang Zhirong, Zhuang Wenlong

Curriculum Planning Team

Zhuang Wenlong


(The 109 school year was temporarily replaced by all teachers in the department in response to the adjustment of the curriculum.)

Teacher-student Competition Team

Wu Yinyan


Zheng Jinqing, Xu Kaidun, Liao Guozhi, Hu Xiangling, Huang Wenda, Wang Zhirong

Employment Counselling Team

Zheng Jinqing

Xiao Ke

Wu Yinyan, Xu Suling, Ye Jiashan, Zhang Youming, Lin Xinghui, Zheng Yuzhu, Wang Zhirong

Admissions Planning Team

Wu Yinyan


Full-time teachers in the department

Image Marketing Team

Hu Xiangling


Wu Yinyan, Lin Jingrong, Zhuang Wenlong, Liao Guozhi, Zheng Yuzhu

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